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Uhn Uhn, get somebody else to do it

Maybe I’m Late… but it’s finally time to stop doing everything yourself.

An unfortunate reality for many young women who grew up on or below the poverty line is learning to do our hair, nails, sew, pluck, tuck and take care of all of our beauty essentials out of necessity, not necessarily desire.

While being resourceful is a wonderful skillset, we seldom experienced or missed out altogether on the bonding and self care rituals that come with going to the beauty shop and nail salon.

As we age, those habits we were conditioned with stick around and it can be difficult to not view outsourcing those services as self indulgent and irresponsible. Because, lets be f****** for real it’s expensive to do those things, especially in this economy?! Keeping up with a beauty routine is a treat.

As a serial DIY-er, I was like Julius from Everybody Hates Chris when it came to spending money on services I could do myself. And over time I began to dread those maintenance days. It felt more like work than a pampering self care time.

Recently I was able to treat myself to some services and was reminded of why beauty salons are such sacred spaces for women. Tishera from TouchedbyTishh invited me to The Trap Spa where they offer a plethora of waxing and untraditional spa and beauty services.

The beauty of this experience was the flexibility in after hours services, the comfortable aesthetics, and homegirl-esque yet professional interactions. The relationship you have with your beautician or esthetician is intimate so comfort is key.

It was a much needed “girls time” that you can only find in a few spaces and well worth the investment.

Check out my time there:

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