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Maybe I'm Late: they don't call it the "roaring twenties" for nothing

As you approach 25 you can literally FEEL your frontal lobe developing. For me, the process began on my literal 23rd birthday. It’s like I’ve been in that episode of Spongebob where it was all of these Spongebob’s freaking out in his head for the past 2 years.

I’ll spare you the details and just share a few phrases and actions that mean so much to me as an almost mid twenty something.

  1. Tied. Not “tired”, TIED (pronounced TAH-ED)

  2. Jesus. Sometimes you just gotta SAY. HIS. NAME cause that’s really all you can do 😅

  3. "Whew chile". I know the tiktok girlies have made this term mainstream but its been a staple in the black community and my household forever and bayyybyyy. Y’all cousins be leaving me speechless.

  4. Gushing over babies. The cute ones (let’s be real). This was a completely involuntary action. My instinctual admiration for babies overpower my more informed disdain/fear. I may or may not have several photos and videos of my baby cousins wittle bitty toes in my camera roll.

  5. Self Care, “soft-life” whatever you want to call it. I MUST keep up with my beauty and wellness rituals and routines.

  6. Silence. I learned how to turn down the outside noise in order to listen to my inner voice and God's voice.

  7. Stretching. You can release so much physical and mental stress and tension by opening up your body.

  8. Protecting your Peace. By ANY means.

  9. Money. People talk about how hard it is to get something, but not nearly enough about how hard it is to keep it.

  10. Time. MAKE time for yourself. Use it wisely.

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