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Maybe I'm Late: When did everyone start using virtual reality?

Okay, this time I might not be late. I noticed that a lot of music artist (okay, three) have been using 3D animation for their album art covers.

In the past few years people have become more comfortable with the idea of AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality content). Many social media features now accommodate 3D panoramic images and filters that allow for users to play games and explore different spaces in the comfort of their own home.

And now visual artists and music artists are teaming up to create a more immersive digital marketing strategy.

Multidisciplinary artist Jackie Carlise says she spent “about a week” making the AR filter for the release of Summer Walker’s EP “Life on Earth.”

I think an animated image or video not only suspends reality but also makes things possible that can’t be done in terms of film,” says Carlise. “This is also really helpful in a time like this where multiple people can’t be in close proximity.”

Virtual animation graphics are more engaging and interactive than static images and allow for fans and artists to connect at a distance.

In 2020, the graphic design world is more abstract and adventurous. The bold and futuristic compositions are reminiscent. of the early 2010’s Vaporwave trend with its 3D tenderer objects, virtual reality elements, and neon bright reflective textures.

The last time I remember seeing a visual art style similar to this, in the Rap and R&B genres, was in T-Pains’ late 2000’s run. His "Freeze" and "Can't Believe It" music videos were directed by a motion design and live-action studio called Syndrome Studio.

The videos and images use motion graphics to portray a message alongside the music by drawing the listener/viewer into a whole new world. The use of 3D art, AR and VR in the world of digital marketing in music is evolving and allowing musicians and artists to share the spot light.


Pop Smoke “Shoot for the Stars Aim for the Moon”

This rotating 3D metallic rose was created by motion graphic artist @ceej.php for Tidal.

Chloe x Halle “Ungodly Hour”

The digital holographic wings on the album cover were made by immersive media artist collective @pvssykrew. They were placed on a photograph captured by @robins_robin in a collaboration with creative director @amakadsi to create a cross reality portrayal of the dynamic duo.

Summer Walker “Life on Earth”

The outer space inspired track list filter for Walker’s EP was made by 3D artist @jackie.pls using Spark AR with 3D models.

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