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Maybe I’m Late: Birthday Blues & Blessing


Contrary to popular experience, birthdays can be a taboo subject for many people. While some relish in the opportunity to celebrate and be celebrated, others shun the ceremonious ritual because of the belief that it’s rooted in pagan worship tied to magic, divination and spiritism.

I’m also almost positive that the mainstream popularization of birthday celebrations is also linked to capitalism— like most secular holidays are— but I digress.

To be real, I typically skew on the apathetic end of the Birthday Blues spectrum. Last year, though, I began to unpack those blues and lean into them so I could begin to recognize my blessings.

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, here’s some of what I’ve learned over this whirlwind of a year:


  • First, set aside what you’ve always been told your birthday should or shouldn’t be. What you do after that (in the words of Auntie Tab) “is your business.”. You might end up picking it right back up, but first you’ve got to learn to do your own study and tap in with your own feelings about anything before being influenced by external opinions.

  • It’s a blessing to have made it to another year, to have survived another year of lessons and battles.Thank God for his guidance and protection mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and professionally.

  • Maintaining a healthy spiritual routine is the fuel you need to persevere and endure.

  • You are a culmination of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

  • Making your bed every morning really does work (shout out Danielle D Huges)

  • Music is so powerful and impactful on the mind, body, and spirit. My playlists this year bang.

  • Keeping our lymphatic system clear is KEY to helping clear brain fog.

  • Stretching regularly is very important.

  • Tea > Coffee

  • Healing is hard, but you’re probably too deep into the journey and there’s no unknowing what you know is and isn’t good for you.

  • If everything is important, nothing is important.

  • Self preservation has an expiration date. Self preservation is not the mission. It is the vehicle to help you get to your destination. Don’t make your mission protecting yourself or you’ll miss out on the reason you were created.

  • Learn. Implement. Adjust.

  • Your success is in the lessons you’re learning right now.

  • Study yourself as much as, if not more than you study other people/things.

  • Time Blocking is the most effective tool I’ve come across for time management and productivity.

I have so much more to learn and so much more to share. I look forward to digging in with y'all. Let me know if you all enjoyed or could relate to any of these points.

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