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Maybe I'm Late: Learning to Be Outside Strategically

Contrary to what my Instagram may look like, I’ve been kind of M.I.A. I sat out of so many amazing events in September because I was growing through some things and learning to prioritize my goals and wellbeing. My main love language is Acts of Service, I love supporting and showing up for people. So, I felt a twinge of guilt for not doing so — but I had to put me first (in my Cookie Lyon voice).

I am a fan of periodic isolation to regroup and reset. I think Gen-Z in particular has been really vocal about the spending time with yourself— solo trips, solo dates— hell, we'd probably have a solo wedding if we could 😂

But this post by Kiana Lede really hit:

Recent data shows that social isolation and loneliness, especially among young people, is one of today’s most important mental health crises. Even prior to the pandemic, 79 percent of Gen-Z reported feeling lonely – more than any other generation.

That's why it's important to find harmony between resetting alone and recharging with others.

It reminds me of the initiative Eventbrite launched with Marsai Martin during the summer. The Social Connection Project is a multi-year initiative with the goal of increasing social connection – and decreasing social isolation – by transforming how we connect at live events. It features a curated collection of free Eventbrite events that showcase the power of live experiences in driving meaningful connection.

I decided when I felt compelled to show face and hit the streets again, I would do so with intention. Detroit creative professionals have not disappointed. They have been showing up and showing out with beautifully curated intentional events.

The Art of Impact

I almost didn’t go to this but in the spirit of “putting me first” I decided to go and am SO happy I did. The ambiance was immaculate, the environment very comfortable for a night of reflecting and growth. I feel like everyone came there with pure intentions and you could tell.

This event was the first in a series of live interactive podcasts focused on Identity, Entrepreneurship, and Wellness. There are more to come so make sure you stay tapped in.

Month Of Design

As an art enthusiast I’ve always appreciated Detroit Month of Design as a way to learn, appreciate, and support artists, designer, and creative professionals of so many different mediums.

This event was full of amazing creative professionals that left me energized and inspired.


Speaking of events, this month was full of them. Let's recap:

Forbes 30 Under 30 Summit

Shout out to Forbes The Culture because they literally made the summit what it was. The programming and tangible advice at the Health, Wealth & Culture event and Shop Talk/Venture 313 Launch Party were the highlight of this years summit for me (sorry, Meg.) My first Forbes Summit was in 2019, I was in college and attended as a Forbes Scholar. That year, I was featured in Essence thinking I was DRESSING DOWN in a FTC hoodie, plaid skirt, tweed jacket and J's 🤦🏾‍♀️.

Returning this year as a full time creative professional was a beautiful full circle moment. Learn more about FTC here.

Culture Con

Let me tell y'all my testimony about how I made it to my Culture Con! First of all, I've been following The CCNYC and Culture Con for yearrrrssss. I am constantly engaging with their posts and utilizing the resources they share. If you're a BIPOC "creative" i.e. a Black or Brown person living and working in your truth, passion and power, and you're not following them, what are you doing?

A few weeks before the convention, they made a post asking folks to 'Shoot Your Shot' for a chance to be a speaker. I saw that comment section as an opportunity to put me and my peoples on and network with other amazing young people on their grind.

This is truly an example of how when you give without expectations, your blessings return ten fold. After spamming their comments, I literally forgot about it and moved on until I saw this message in my DM's:

Thanks to God, my mom and my friends I had a fulfilling and affirming experience.


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