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Multi-Media Journalist | Producer | Director

Abriana (AYE • BRIANA) Walton is an eclectic multi-media Journalist, producer, and all around creative. She’s a Black Queen growing into the best version of herself, accomplishing her goals, breaking generational curses— doing it all in style and documenting it via her lifestyle blog Maybe I’m Late.

Known to most as BrifromtheD, she represents Detroit to a T. She spends her time working on creative lifestyle and entertainment projects. She shares relatable yet aspirational stories of people and companies that build brand awareness, inform and celebrates Black experiences, and drives positive change in urban communities.

True to her Taurean nature, Bri is a lover of leisure and habitual hobby hopper. You'll often find her actively lounging, hiking, or skating in nature. Or in her other natural habitat— concerts! A safe conversation starter: asking about her latest obsession.  



Currently based in Detroit

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